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ISS 2023: Architecture and Responsibility

Dear Researchers,

The 13th International Sinan Symposium once again brings up the design-society relations in a multifaceted way with the title of "Architecture and Responsibility".  Organizing the symposium on the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey is another source of pride for our faculty.

Responsibility (Turkish Language Institution), defined as "to undertake one's own behavior or the consequences of any event that falls under his jurisdiction", has been studied by philosophers from different aspects since antiquity: While actions and choices are associated with the awareness of individual responsibility, the modern concept of responsibility gains currency with the awareness of duty within the framework of social rules. In the twenty-first century the concept of responsibility is layered with social awareness by confronting the problems of the world: Lack of access to clean water and food, climate crisis, social inequality, massive metropolises, epidemics, and pandemics lead humanity to create remedies.

At this stage, the act of producing a humane, rational, and livable space that is respectful to nature and historical memory, and the choices concerning them, make architects think about the concept of moral/ethical responsibility. The following topics come to the forefront in the scope of the symposium:

  • Professional Ethics
  • Responsibilities Regarding Design
  • Responsibility to the City
  • Responsibility to Society
  • Responsibility to National Identity and Cultural Heritage
  • Responsibility to the Environment
  • Responsibility in the Production and Use of Digital Technology
13th Sinan Symposium is planned to be made both online and face -to -face.

Symposium Language:
The official languages of the symposium are English and Turkish.

Note: Patent studies are expected to be submitted by the right holder and/or patent attorney**; other than these it is expected to focus on the research results.

* TDK, 2011, Turkish Dictionary, Ankara High Institution of Culture, Language and History, Turkish Language Instituion Press, p.2307, Ankara.

** Trademark agent: Persons representing rights holders on behalf of the organization in matters relating to brand, design and geographical indication and traditional product names, Patent attorney: Persons representing rights holders on behalf of the organization in matters relating to patent, utility model and design rights. (Industrial Property Law No. 6769 published in the Official Gazette dated 10.01.2017 and numbered 29944)

Stay healthy,

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